Preliminary Research

Includes basic research of availability of data about your ancestry. The result of the research is the list of resources where data can be found or should be searched for. Up to ten names could be extracted from the the records as a result of this research.

The cost: one-time fee of € 250
€ 0,91 per kilometer
(if travel is necessary to complete the task)

Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates

We can provide a Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate of your ancestor issued by authorized govermental records offices in Croatia or Slovenia.

The cost per certificate: € 130

Extensive Research

Includes extensive research of all available sources, extracting names, grouping them into families, and linking them with one another.

The cost: € 60 per hour
€ 0,91 per kilometer
(if travel is necessary to complete the task)

Reading obsolete scripts

Vital records written in Glagolitic, Gothic and/or Cyrillic Alphabet require special effort and skills to be researched.

The cost: € 80 per hour of reading

Preserving available records

If you would like to have old genealogy records of Status Animarum, Marriage & Death Records, we will photograph those records with digital camera.

The cost: € 4,20 per picture

Records can also be photocopied and sent to you by mail or scanned and delivered by e-mail.

The cost: € 2,75 per paper copy

Preparation of Family Tree

The final step in preparing your Family Tree is entering data into computer.

The cost: € 60 per hour

Sending the Data

Information on your ancestry, fully processed and linked, will be sent to you over the internet or through regular mail.

The cost of sending the data over the internet (up to 500 MB):
free of charge

The cost of sending the data through regular mail:
standard postal charge

Accomodation & Transportation Services

If you would like to come to the area yourself and do the genealogy work, or you would like to just visit your relatives, please, contact us for the cost. For our reference list click here.

All prices are valid from December 1th, 2023