Reference list of customers

Quality of our genealogy research has been proven time and again in many projects. We offer services to private persons as well as businesses from Europe, North America & Australia.

Here is the reference list of some of our customers:

  1. Title Research – a specialist probate research firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom, that traces missing beneficiaries and missing assets worldwide has chosen Sambunjak Genealogy Research as a special representative for countries of Croatia & Slovenia. More on Title Research can be found at
  2. Barbara Starkey – a renown American Genealogist specialized in research of Croatian records in the United Stats has been working closely with Sambunjak Genealogy Research related to records that can only be found in Croatia (Croatian archives).
  3. Anichich Family (California, USA) requested additional research of records from the island of Vis, specifically targeted to certain predetermined families.
  4. Arbanas Family (Washington State, USA) was interested in the research of surnames Frković, Tuš, Strižić & Kršul from Bribir & Ledenice, Croatia, so we successfully brought the research to completion.
  5. Boland Family (California, USA) have ancestors of nobility from Slovenia, so they wanted to find out their whole family tree. The result of the research was 140 names found in just one single day. The research continues.
  6. Chabries (Čabrajec) Family (Utah, USA) has asked for indepth research of the history of the Čabrajec family from Kloštar Ivanić & Čučerje for which family tree had already been created.
  7. Draskovich Family (Alabama, USA) desired to obtain vital records of their grandfather from Tounj near Karlovac, so we did the research, locate the records, corresponded with the staff from the local State Archives, got authorized copies of documents and delivered them.
  8. Elliot Family (Austria) whose ancestors came from Batina in the Northwest part of Croatia desired to locate one of their ancestors from early 18th century.
  9. Jones Family (Utah, USA) inquired the full family tree research of ancestors from Radatovići Parish in Žumberak region, Croatia. The research resulted in more than seventeen hundred names found.
  10. Kodra Family (Ohio, USA) was interested in obtaining detailed information on their family from Zagorje ob Savi & Vransko, Slovenia. The ongoing research so far yielded more than five hundred names.
  11. Krok Family (Perth, Australia) requested research of records from Pregrada & Kostel, Croatia, which resulted by almost fourteen hundred names discovered.
  12. Okoren Family (Colorado, USA), after learning that Sambunjak family is related to them, they asked for additional research of the rest of the family in Žalna & Kopanj Parishes, Slovenia. It resulted with almost four hundred names found.
  13. O’Reilly Family (Virginia, USA) asked for extensive research of the remaining records in Saborsko area (Croatia), which had been severely hit in the 1991-95 war.
  14. Ozounian Family (Texas, USA) received a consulting services in researching their ancestors in Sombor, Serbia.
  15. Salgy Family (Utah, USA) visited the area and have received substantial help from Sambunjak Genealogy Research in guiding and directing their genealogy efforts, which resulted in finding additional four generations of Šalgaj ancestry from Sveti Đurđ near Ludbreg, Croatia. The continuation of the research has been entrusted to us.
  16. Wareham Family (Utah, USA) requested a full family tree research of ancestry from Mirna Peč, Trebelno & Trebnje Parishes in Slovenia, and the result was more than seven hundred names found.

In addition, we donate our time to serve in the largest Family History Center in the region, helping Croatians finding their ancestors by doing the genealogy research using microfilms. Our superb expertize in reading sometimes hard to read records on microfilms benefited many.

If you want to know more about our services, please, feel free to contact us.